Services We Offer

With specialist experience in water pipes and trenchless technology, M Thomas Water Services are here to help you with anything from a simple water leak repair to lead water pipe replacement. But don't get us wrong, we are love to do the simple plumbing stuff. Knowing the job will be done right is a good reason to choose us. As a family run business our mission is to provide the highest levels of quality coupled with friendly service. We work with cutting edge technology ensuring our clients benefit from the best in repairs, replacements and installations.


Water Pipe Find And Fix

Find and fix.

Our find and fix service can locate burst water pipes, isolate the problem and repair the leak with minimum of fuss. Our engineers are highly trained with leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint the leak quickly. 



Water Pipe Common Supply Work

Water mains replacement

We use the latest in trenchless technology and moling equipment to bore accurate and efficient channels for new pipe work without needing any large scale excavation. This means minimum disruption to you and your property.



Domestic Moling

Domestic and commercial moling

Our moling and trenchless technology offers a unique way to burrow through the ground for conduits and lead pipe replacement with a significant reduction in surface disturbance. A small pneumatic device burrows and hammers it's way through the ground to make a channel.



Common Water Pipe Supply Work

Common supply work

Often older houses and terraced houses share common supply water pipes. Shared pipes can lead to poor pressure and flow from increased water demand or poor condition pipes. Neighbours are jointly responsible from their properties to the boundary stop tap.