The Benefits Of Modern Water Supply Pipes

Optimum water flow.

MDPE water supply pipes is very strong and much more durable than older lead or existing pipework. Able to withstand the expansion and contraction of surrounding soil, they have a much wider diameter for increased flow rates and pressure.

Superior water quality.

The water you drink through modern MDPE water supply pipes is purer and better quality. Complying with the 'Drinking Water Quality Regulations' there are no issues with lead contamination.

Save energy.

Higher flow can benefit commercial and residential customers. More efficient delivery to water dependent appliances can help to save energy.

Better for the environment.

Better quality drinking water means less bottled water...and it's cheaper! Everybody knows the damage plastic bottles are doing to the environment!


  • WIAPS approved groundworkers

  • Water safe registered

  • Friendly service throughout

  • Experts in re-instatement of tarmac, concrete and block paving

  • Accredited contractors

  • Minimal disruption

  • Faster, cleaner and cheaper than traditional trenching methods