Domestic And Commercial Moling

Our moling and trenchless technology offers a unique way to burrow through the ground for conduits and lead pipe replacement with a significant reduction in surface disturbance. A small pneumatic device burrows and hammers it's way through the ground to make a channel.

We start with a small excavation, usually a metre square to initiate the moling process. A destination pit then receives the mole. The advantages are obvious. Small underground burrows can receive pipes, rather than lengthy trenches that require backfilling. Installations are much more discreet and there is very little surface disturbance. Less manpower and rectification means less cost to the property owner. Our moling technology is used for a variety of other subsurface construction work such as ducting, conduit and telecommunications. 


Fast installation

Moling negates the need for lengthy trenches, saving time digging and removing slurry.

Less expensive

There are low operational and reinstatement costs associated with moling and it is significantly cheaper than traditional trenching methods.

Small footprint

Excavations of no more than 1 metre square and 1 metre deep are required to introduce and receive the mole.

No surface disruption

No need to disturb the surface, the mole burrows discreetly under gardens, patios and driveways.