Common Supply Work

Water Pipe Replacement

Often older houses and terraced houses share common supply water pipes. Shared pipes can lead to poor pressure and flow from increased water demand or poor condition pipes. Neighbours are jointly responsible from their properties to the boundary stop tap. 

Individual supply pipes or increased diameter shared pipes can help increase water pressure and quality. To check if you have a shared water supply pipe. locate the outside stop tap and see if there's a water meter. If so, there's a good chance you have an independent water main. Otherwise turn off the stop tap and see how many properties are affected. Alternatively speak to your water supply company who should be able to help. 


Optimum water flow

Modern MDPE pipes are superior to older lead pipes. Very strong and flexible, these new pipes are wider in diameter so offer an improved water flow rate.

Superior water quality

Working in compliance with the new 'Drinking Water Quality Regulations', you can be assured the water you are being supplied is purer and better quality.

Energy saving

With more efficient water flow and delivery, water dependent appliances can save energy.

Environmentally friendly

Enjoy good quality water straight from the tap with no need for bottled water.