Leaking Supply Pipe Repair

Our find and fix service can locate burst water pipes, isolate the problem and repair the leak with minimum of fuss. Our engineers are highly trained with leak detection equipment and listening devices to pinpoint the leak quickly. 

A small excavation is carried out to access the leaking supply pipe. Our trenchless technology can then locate the leak and repair the damage. Where pipes are in poor condition or lead, it might be worth considering replacing the entire feed. Similalrly if your property only has a shorter supply pipe, often it is more economical to have the entire water mains and supply pipe replaced. Longer supply pipes may be worth repairing. Terraced or semi-detached properties may have a common supply pipe shared with neighbours. If this is the case we can install an individual supply pipe. Regardless, we will carry out a full leak survey and advise on your options. This will include a full diagnosis, excavation, repair and reinstatement of water supply. 

Water Pipe Responsibility


What are you responsible for?

The underground pipe from the boundary of the property to your house is your responsibility.

How long will I be without water?

Normally less than 15 minutes whilst the engineers carry out the new connection.

Will it create a lot of mess?

Often we only need to make 1 metre excavations which are backfilled and reinstated afterwards. The surface is returned to it's original condition whether turf, block paving or asphalt.

How long does it take?

Residential supply work is normally completed within a day, but our engineers will advise when the survey is completed.