So who's responsible?

Water leaks from underground pipes waste a huge amount of water and can damage property. If those pipes connect your property to the water supply network, then the responsibility rests with you.    

Water pipes have a defined lifespan. Corrosion, expansion, conraction and simple wear can cause deterioration over lengthy periods of time. If it has not been maintained or replaced, we would recommend you consider replacing it to avoid long term problems. The water utility company owns and maintains the water mains in the street leading to your property. However by law you are responsible for the underground pipe from the boundary of your property into your home. New houses have independant pipes, but some older houses share pipes with neighbours. Here the maintenance is jointly shared.   

Damp patch?

If you have a damp patch in the garden or one area of the lawn that that is always green, you could have a water leak.

Hear running water?

Can you hear water running into a drain when no water is being used at your property or can you hear hissing? This might suggest a water leak.

Low water pressure?

Low water pressure, high meter readings and bills all suggest a water leak.

Water meter readings

Check the dials on your water metre. If they are moving even when you are not using water or if there is a significant difference between night and morning, you could have a water leak.


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